field of dreams poster

Remember that old Kevin Costner movie? Y’know, the one where he builds a baseball diamond in the middle of Iowa and a famous baseball team show up. Doubters were told,  “If you build it, he will come.”

It feels as if digital by default is driving thousands of build it and they’ll come websites all over the country at the moment. Everyone I talk to of late are re-evaluating their digital strategy, their digital operations plan, their digital customer journey and their pathways to digital inclusion. Literally hundreds of thousands of pounds being spent by organisations both public and third sector now. Goodness knows how high that figure will go as the digital by default deadline draws nearer.

We are working hard to make our website the most understandable and user friendly website, accessible in every way. So simple that a ………. could use it.

With between 8 and 16 million citizens unable to use the internet (depending who you read) and a Venn diagram sweet spot of those citizens having literacy and numeracy difficulties as a major contributing factor to digital illiteracy then I seriously wonder if the target users of this huge fiscal, intellectual and emotional input will come when it is built. Will the people who need to find the field let alone play baseball?

Time will tell. In the meantime stand by for more concerned citizens reeking of fear, uncertainty and doubt.