bbmSince I have started working as an Administrator three years ago the technology I have learned has been over whelming- still some things today I cannot get my head around -But you plod along. I have learned how to set my own blog up. Post to our existing blog, set up a mail merge with Microsoft 2012, I have been taught how to use photo shop elements, Skype, LinkedIn set up a twitter account, (I still really don’t get twitter as much as I do Facebook) Things are changing rapidly and this is very scary – but I feel we have to get with the trend as having children you do need to keep up-to-date with all the technology out there so you are more clued up than your children to keep on top of things i.e. recently I have had a Blackberry phone so I could try and keep an eye on my daughter – only to realise she only has to un-tick me on her BBM status so I don’t know what she is putting!

The author of this post wished to remain anonymous. She is a part time worker and mother of two.