This website is about personal thoughts on digital inclusion. Some of the writers have a professional interest, some are digitally excluded, some teach computing, some engage in strategy. In short if there is some thing to say and someone to say it then this website is one of many places to say it.

There are two ways to contribute.


Firstly you can become a site contributor. This means that you will have direct access to publish to this website in your own right. If this is the route for you then you will need a WordPress account. Please Alan – to request direct access.



The second method of contributing is just to pop what you would like to say into the form below. We will then put it onto this website on your behalf. We will need to know your real name though. We don’t need to know your job title, location, political persuasion or much else really. You can of course share these things if you wish. You may notice that having an email address is not required. This is because one of our staff writers teaches adults entry level computing and it is hoped we can encourage his students to share some of their experiences. They may not yet have email adresses.

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